BOYSEN® Lacquer Spot Putty #306

DESCRIPTION:  BOYSEN® Lacquer Spot Putty #306 is a high quality, nitrocellulose-based, lacquer type putty for wood specially formulated for easy application and sanding.

PRINCIPAL USES: For interior wood surfaces

Spot putty - 25 square meter / 4 liters
Full putty -  12 square meter / 4 liters

SURFACE DRY: 5-10 minutes

DRY THROUGH: One (1) hour

OVERCOATING INTERVAL: Recoat after 30 minutes

APPLICATION: Putty knife

THINNING: Apply as is. If necessary, use BOYSEN® Lacquer Thinner #50    

PACKAGING: 4 liter and 1 liter cans


New wood surfaces:
1st coat: BOYSEN® Lacquer Primer Surfacer #305
2nd coat: BOYSEN® Lacquer Spot Putty #306
3rd coat: BOYSEN® Lacquer Primer Surfacer #305
Final coat: BOYSEN® Automotive Lacquer #1300 in required coats


Old finish in bad condition should be stripped. BOYSEN® Paint and Varnish Remover #141 can be used to totally remove the finish.
If old lacquer finish is in good condition, sand surface. Make sure to clean and dry before coating with BOYSEN® Automotive Lacquer #1300.