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BOYSEN® DECORe™ Perlescente™

The striking gilded style of Italian Renaissance masters is now in paint finishes. BOYSEN® DECORe™ Perlescente™ is a decorative, environment-friendly paint finish that uses natural oxides to create interiors with hints of gold and silver gleaming through its strong or subtle colors. Its technologically advanced formulation blends resins in a water-based solution and provides metallic accents to give your home a beautiful atmosphere of exclusivity and prestige. Following these simple techniques, you can easily stunning effects in any living space.
  • Perlescente ™ Undercoat:   4-liter cans
  • Perlescente™ base:   2.5 liters
  • PErla Di Luce:  200g
  • Perlescente™ Undercoat:  25-30 sq.m.
  • Perlescente ™ Base + Di Luce:  15-20 sq.m.
Drying time: 2 to 3 hours

3 SYSTEMS OF DECORe™ Perlescente™:

Perlescente Colored Undercoat (B4805 series)
This is to be tinted into any of the six (6) standard colors via Mix-&-Match™ tinting stations:
B4805-6 Arezzo Undercoat (Yellow)
B4805-5 Pisa Undercoat (Green)
B4805-4 Lucca Undercoat (Blue)
B4805-9 Livorno Undercoat (Gray)
B4805-8 Siena Undercoat (Orange)
B4805-7 Grosseto Undercoat (Red)
Perlescente Base
B4861 Perlescente™ Arezzo (Yellow)
B4858 Perlescente™ Pisa (Green)
B4840 Perlescente™ Lucca (Blue)
B4876 Perlescente™ Siena (Orange)
B4876 Perlescente™ Grosseto (Red)
Perla Di Luce
These are pearlescent pigments that give luster to the resulting finish. Each Perlescente™ Base will have a corresponding pigment, the colors of which are based of shades of precious stones minerals:
B4806 Perla Di Luce Gold
B4803 Perla Di Luce Emerald
B4804 Perla Di Luce Sapphire
B4809 Perla Di Luce Opal
B4808 Perla Di Luce Garnet
B4807 Perla Luce Ruby

TO OBTAIN A PERFECT FINISH, it is necessary to apply BOYSEN® DECORe™ Perlescente™ over its matching Undercoat. For example, if you choose the PISA (Green) color, the DECORe™ Perlescente™ B4858 Pisa Base must be applied on its B4805-5 Pisa Undercoat. If you choose Lucca (blue), DECORe™ Perlescente™ B4840 Lucca Base is applied after the B4805-4 Lucca Undercoat.
 STEP 1: The DECORe™ Perlescente™ Undercoat
  • Select the desired color of DECORe™ Perlescente™ from the color card.
  • Apply 1-2 coats of matching DECORe™ Undercoat using brush, roller, or airless spray (with the proper external air mixing cup).
 STEP 2: The Shades of DECORe™ Perlescente™ Base
    For best results, mix about 200 grams of the matching Perla Di Luce toner into the DECORe™ Perlescente™ Base.
  • Gradually add the powder in the base while mixing. This is to ensure that the powder is fully wet. Afterwards, machine mix with a power mixer to ensure full luster of metallic powder.

STEP 3: How to apply the DECORe™ Perlescente™

  • Apply the mixture over the DECORe™ Undercoat using cross-hatch strokes. Blend in with the provided BOYSEN® DECORe™ Brush.
  • After 5 to 10 minutes, SMOOTH the surface with the BOYSEN® DECORe™ Scraper.

Choose Color

For technical reasons connected with color reproduction and paint manufacturing, these patterns may not exactly match the paint color.

B4870 Grosseto Base with B4807 Perla Di Luce Ruby
B4861 Arezzo Base with B4806 Perla Di Luce Gold
B4876 Siena Base with B4808 Perla Di Luce Garnet
B4858 Pisa Base with B4803 Perla Di Luce Emerald
B4830 Livorno Base with B4808 Perla Di Luce Garnet
B4840 Lucca Base with B4804 Perla Di Luce Sapphire


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BOYSEN® DECORe™ Perlescente™


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BOYSEN® DECORe™ Perlescente™