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Titan Superflex™ Elastomeric Paint

Titan Superflex™ is a self-priming flexible coating that forms a durable film, which reflects ultra-violet light and prevents the passage of water and water vapor, recommended for both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. It cures to an adherent film on properly prepared surfaces capable of bridging hairline cracks on vertical walls. The smooth nature of the film minimizes dirt pick-up and ensures long term durability and color retention.

Suitable for the protection and decoration of concrete surfaces.

Appearance: Eggshell

Coverage: Approx. 18-22 sq.m. per 4 liters per coat (depending on surface porosity and method of application).

Drying time: Surface dry in one (1) hour. Recoat after three (3) hours under normal weather condition.


1. Remove all loose, scaling, flaking, and peeling off paint by wire brushing, scraping, or rough sanding.

2. When necessary, use BOYSEN® Paint and Varnish Remover #141 but make sure that residue is completely washed off from the surface to prevent adverse reactions with succeeding coats. Let it dry.

3. Sand smooth painted surfaces for improved inter-coat adhesion.

4. For chalking old latex paint, apply one (1) coats of BOYSEN® Chalk Blocker #7304. Let dry overnight.

5. In case of mildew infestation, treat affected areas with a fungicidal wash solution or household bleach mixed with water (1:3, respectively). Let the treatment overnight before wiping off residue with damp cloth. Let dry.


1. Prime bare substrate with Titan Superflex™.
2. Apply BOYSEN® Acrytex™ Cast #1711by mortar gun spray for desired texture. 
3. Apply at least two (2) more coats of Titan Superflex™ by brush, roller or airless spray.

Decreasing the number of coats will reduce the paint performance.

Clean all tools and equipment after use with clean water.

Brush and roller: 0-5% water. The first coat may be thinned up to 10% on very absorbent surfaces. Stir well before use. Airless spray: 0-10% water.

Do not use when humidity is high as surface condensation (heavy moisture), will adversely affect the paint performance.

Choose Color

For technical reasons connected with color reproduction and paint manufacturing, these patterns may not exactly match the paint color.

T-5101 Snow White
T-5102 Lemon Ice
T-5103 Ice Mist
T-5104 White Sand
T-5105 Hint of Vanilla
T-5106 Elusive White
T-5107 Nilla Vanilla
T-5108 Child of Heaven
T-5109 Kiara
T-5110 Little Dove
T-5111 Cotton Ball
T-5112 Casa Blanca
T-5113 Chapel Wall
T-5114 Petticoat
T-5115 Sugar Dust
T-5116 Bunny Cake
T-5117 Sphere
T-5118 Twill
T-5119 White Glove
T-5120 Pumice Stone
T-5121 Luna Moon
T-5122 Dove White
T-5123 Mystic Fog
T-5124 Bonaire
T-5125 Barely White
T-5126 White Kitten
T-5127 Shell Tint
T-5128 Just Above White
T-5129 Moon Drop
T-5130 White Fence
T-5131 Bannister White
T-5132 Lady Nicole
T-5133 Italian Ice
T-5134 Ice Dream
T-5201 Puff Pink
T-5202 Sea Pearl
T-5203 Titan Peach
T-5204 Candy Cream
T-5205 Sweet Salmon
T-5209 Crisp Biscuit
T-5220 Calm Beige
T-5301 Whipple Blue
T-5302 Natural Gray
T-5303 Metal Ash
T-5330 Dove Gray
T-5373 Terracotta
T-5401 Techno Blue
T-5402 Soft Lilac
T-5403 Mystic Blue
T-5404 Baby Blue
T-5405 Distant Blue
T-5406 Polaris Blue
T-5407 Denim Blue
T-5408 Feather Soft
T-5409 Evening Sea
T-5410 Fresh Water
T-5411 Blue Royale
T-5412 Mediterranean Blue
T-5413 Deep Sea
T-5414 Empire Violet
T-5415 Persian Violet
T-5501 Sour Green
T-5502 Icy Green
T-5503 Cool Green
T-5504 Apple Green
T-5505 Aquamarine
T-5506 Sherwood
T-5507 Forest Lime
T-5508 Green Grass
T-5509 Sierra Green
T-5510 Morning Bliss
T-5511 Green Leaf
T-5512 Bayville Green
T-5601 Beach Dust
T-5602 Candlebright
T-5603 Ivory
T-5604 Ripe Mang
T-5605 Shining Yellow
T-5606 Buttered Corn
T-5607 Sunny Days
T-5702 Bright Coral
T-5703 Baby Candy
T-5704 Apple Blossom
T-5705 Sun Glaze
T-5706 Coral Red
T-5707 Cottage Red
T-5708 Chili Pepper
T-5801 Mocha
T-5802 Brick Dust
T-5803 Clay Pot