Makulay ang Buhay - The Boysen Pintor Tales: Ang Proposal by BOYSEN®

Inihahandog ng BOYSEN®, ang isang makulay na kwento ng pag-ibig, hango sa totoong buhay ng pintor. Sana ay magustuhan niyo ito!


BOYSEN® presents a colorful story about life and love, based on a true story. We hope that you enjoy the show!

BOYSEN ® teamed up with artists from all over the globe to paint massive murals along EDSA—the Philippines’ longest, most polluted highway. The artists would use 1,000 square meters of wall as canvas. Each of the 8 artists designed their artworks according to the specifications of the highway, with design themes inspired by the history of the area assigned to them.

EDSA, the Philippines’ busiest highway is also one of the world’s most polluted. The two million vehicles that pass through it everyday generate nitrogen oxide that’s five times higher than the safety limits set by the World Health Organization.

For those who missed watching the episode of Aljazeera's Earthrise featuring BOYSEN ® KNOxOUT, here is your chance to learn more about the murals which aims to help clean up one of Metro Manila's busiest highways.

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