BOYSEN® KNOxOUT™: Audio Guide for the Longest Art Gallery

EDSA, the Philippines’ busiest highway is also one of the world’s most polluted. The two million vehicles that pass through it everyday generate nitrogen oxide that’s five times higher than the safety limits set by the World Health Organization. In an effort to curb EDSA’s pollution woes, BOYSEN®, the country’s no.1 paint, came up with an unusual solution—create giant air-cleaning artworks. Artists from all over the globe painted artworks on EDSA’s walls using BOYSEN®’s revolutionary, smog-eating KNOxOUT™ paint. 
As big as the project was, we saw an opportunity to make it even bigger and more engaging. These giant air-cleaning artworks would now become part of a world’s longest art gallery.The experience would be made possible by installing audio guides using GPS geo-tagging technology on EDSA’s commercial buses. It turned the daily commute into an art-going experience for nearly a million bus-riding Filipinos on the first month.
Courtesy of TBWA Santiago Mangada Puno

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