Konstrukt™ Trafficshield™ K-421 Floor Putty

Konstrukt™ Trafficshield™ K-421 Floor Putty is a water-based cementitious epoxy compound designed to cover minor floor surface imperfections from 0.5mm to 2mm.

Technical Data


Part A & B - Liquid
Part C - Powder

Pot Life

30 minutes

Mixing Ratio

Not Applicable




By putty knife


1. Mix K-421 Floor Putty Part B with K-421 Floor Putty Part A until homogenous.
2. Add K-421 Floor Putty Part C into the mixture and stir until homogenous.
3. Mixture can only be used within a 30-minute working time.
4. When intended to fill in cracks, use mixture immediately after mixing.
5. Allow 10-minute induction time when used as a putty.
6. Avoid the addition of water to mixture that has been to set.


Surface should be clean and dry, free from oil, grease, dirt, contaminants, and all loose grit and mortar. Thickness requirement for application is 0.5mm to 2mm only.


1. Apply the mixture onto the substrate by using a putty knife.

2. Avoid the addition of water into the mixture that has begun to set. It will weaken the properties of the product.

3. Allow product to cure for 1 day prior to the application of the desired system.

4. Product should be cured for at least 3 days prior to light traffic, 7 days prior for normal traffic.

5. When intended to fill cracks, use immediately after mixing.

6. Allow 10 minutes induction time when used as a putty.
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