Konstrukt™ Durafill™ K-101 Gypsum Putty and K-103 Fast-Setting Gypsum Compound

Konstrukt™ Durafill™ K-103 Fast-Setting Gypsum Compound is a powder-type gypsum-based filler formulated to patch holes and overjoints that are at least 3mm wide in drywalls. It is highly recommended for high-build and fast curing applications prior to the finishing application of Konstrukt™ Durafill™ K-101 Gypsum Putty.
Konstrukt™ Durafill™ K-101 Gypsum Putty is a high quality water-based and asbestos-free putty developed to patch holes and overjoints on gypsum boards. It contains sufficient binders to secure the reinforcing tape and it gradually increases in strength and hardness as it dries. It has excellent crack resistance and sandability, superior paint compatibility, and minimal shrinkage.

Technical Data

Principal Uses

K-101 and K-103 are formulated for interior applications only. These products are specially formulated for use on gypsum boards. Do not use products on concrete substrates.

(±2.0 g/L)

K-103 Gypsum Compound
0 g/L
K-101 Gypsum Putty
<2 g/L

Dry Time

K-103 Gypsum Compound
Recoat: 30-60 minutes
K-101 Gypsum Putty
Recoat: 2 hours
*Measured at 25°C and 50% relative humidity

Theoretical Coverage

K-103 Gypsum Compound
80 sq. m. per 20-kg bag
K-101 Gypsum Putty
12.58 linear meter per Liter
*Depending on surface texture and porosity




K-103 Gypsum Compound
20-kg bags
K-101 Gypsum Putty
4-Liters and 16-Liters


Putty knife

Mixing Ratio

K-103 Gypsum Compound
Mix 9-Liters water per 20-kg bag
K-101 Gypsum Putty
Ready to use


Surface should be clean and dry, free from dust, dirt, and other foreign matter.

Drywall Substrates

Install and secure joints as per manufacturer's recommendations.


Mix 9-Liters of clean water with 20-kg of K-103 Fast Setting Gypsum Compound until a lump-free homogenous paste is achieved. Use of power mixer is recommended for optimum results.


K-103 Fast-Setting Gypsum Compound
K-101 Gypsum Putty
BOYSEN®® Permacoat™ Flat B‑701
Any water-based paint (i.e.: BOYSEN®® Permacoat™ , BOYSEN®® Healthy Home™ , Virtuoso™ Silk Touch™ )
For MSDS requests, please email technical@boysen.com.ph