BOYSEN® Epoxy Primer

DESCRIPTION: BOYSEN® Epoxy Primer a high quality, two-component, epoxy-polyamide system that has exceptional adhesion to practically any surface including steel tanks, coastal installations, galvanized iron, pipelines, aluminum, structural steel, etc. Has excellent corrosion resistance and sealing properties. Highly alkali-resistant so there is no need for neutralization of new concrete.

PRINCIPAL USES: As a primer for topcoats of Epoxy Enamel or Acqua Epoxy™ to be applied on metal, galvanized iron, wood and masonry

PRACTICAL COVERAGE: 20-25 square meter / 4 liters / coat

SURFACE DRY: 2-3 hours

DRY THROUGH: 6-8 hours

DRY FILM THICKNESS: 1.5 mils/coat

THINNING: BOYSEN® Epoxy Reducer #55

APPLICATION: By Paint brush or spray gun

PACKAGING: BOYSEN® Epoxy Primer comes in 4-liter cans,  ¾ full packed with Curing Agent in a 1-liter can

MIXING RATIO: 3:1, paint-to-catalyst, respectively   

B-2200 White with curing agent #2202 
B-2230 Gray with curing agent #2202  
B-2277 Red Oxide with curing agent #2202 


Concrete Flooring:
Remove oil and grease by detergent cleaning.  For very smooth floors, acid etch smooth surfaces to improve adhesion. Do this by mixing one (1) part muriatic acid to one (1) part water. Apply over masonry and let stand for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with water. If available, rinse by pressure washing. Finished acid etched texture should be similar to that of 40-60 grit sandpaper. Make sure that the surfaces to be painted are clean and dry.

Caution: Adequate protection and ventilation should be provided when working with acids.

Wipe the surface with rag soaked in paint thinner to remove dust, dirt, grease, oil, wax  and other foreign matter. For new G.I. sheets, etch the surface by applying 10% BOYSEN® Metal Etching Solution #71 (dilute 1 part of B-71 to 9 parts water).

If repainting on surfaces with alkyd or lacquer based coatings, scrape off all paint. Remove oil and grease by detergent cleaning followed by scuff sanding.  To remove rust, wire brush or scrape affected areas and apply BOYSEN® Metal Etching Solution #71. Let it stay for 10-15 minutes. Be sure to wash off surface thoroughly with water, letting it dry before applying paint. Primer should be applied immediately after treatment.


Concrete Flooring:
Mix three (3) parts of BOYSEN® Epoxy Primer White #2200 to one (1) part of its catalyst.

Allow twenty (20) minutes induction time. Dilute 1:1 ratio with BOYSEN® Epoxy Reducer #55. Apply as primer coating on bare concrete. Let dry overnight. Topcoat with 2-3 coats of BOYSEN® Acqua Epoxy™ or BOYSEN® Epoxy Enamel. Let dry overnight before recoating. Let cure for 3 days before allowing foot traffic and 7 days for heavy duty use.

Prime bare metal BOYSEN® Epoxy Red Oxide #2277 or BOYSEN® Epoxy Primer Gray #2230. Let dry eight (8) hours before recoating. Topcoat with 2-3 coats of BOYSEN® Acqua Epoxy™ or BOYSEN® Epoxy Enamel. Let dry overnight before recoating.

NOTE: For epoxy-primed surfaces, topcoat should be applied not more than seven (7) days after priming to ensure good intercoat adhesion. Otherwise, re-priming is needed.