BOYSEN® Automotive Lacquer #1300

DESCRIPTION: BOYSEN® Automotive Lacquer is a nitrocellulose, solvent-based, high gloss, lacquer type paint that is easy to apply and dries rapidly to a long-wearing attractive finish.

PRINCIPAL USES: For indoor wood surfaces such as doors, doorjambs, cabinets, and shelves.

PRACTICAL COVERAGE: 25-30 square meter / 4 liters / coat

SURFACE DRY: 10 minutes

DRY THROUGH: 30 minutes

DRY FILM THICKNESS: 1.5 mils / coat


APPLICATION: by spray or brush

THINNING: BOYSEN® Lacquer Thinner #50

PACKAGING: 4-liter and 1-liter cans

COLORANT: Use only BOYSEN® Lacquer Tinting Colors to achieve light to pastel shades. Ideal mixture is 1 part colorant to 16 parts paint.


Please refer to CHOOSE YOUR PAINT section for specifics.


New wood surfaces:
1st coat: BOYSEN® Lacquer Primer Surfacer #305
Putty: BOYSEN® Lacquer Spot Putty #306 if required
2nd  coat: BOYSEN® Lacquer Primer Surfacer #305 on puttied areas
Final coat: BOYSEN® Automotive Lacquer #1300 in required number of coats

(Note: 10% by volume of BOYSEN® Lacquer Flo is mixed with the topcoat just before application to prevent moisture blushing)


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BOYSEN® Automotive Lacquer #1300