BOYSEN® Xyladecor™

DESCRIPTION: BOYSEN® Xyladecor™ is a solvent based, deep penetrating type of stain that combines decorative, water repellent and wood preserving properties in one and dries to a silk matte finish. It emphasizes the grain, bringing out the natural beauty in any kind of wood.

PRINCIPAL USES: BOYSEN® Xyladecor™ is the wood stain available that could be used for exterior and interior wood surfaces. It is the best way to protect your wood since it seals, prevents fungal growth, mold and insect attacks through its preservative contents.

PRACTICAL COVERAGE: 20 - 25 square meter /4 liters /coat (may vary depending on wood absorptivity)

SURFACE DRY: Thirty (30) minutes

DRY THROUGH: Overnight

OVERCOATING INTERVAL: 30 minutes, depending on weather and absorption rate

THINNING: Not necessary

APPLICATION: by brush, spray or by dipping

PACKAGING: 4-liter cans

X-102     Pine
X-103     Teak
X-105     Chestnut
X-107     Mahogany 


Sand surface until wood is smooth to the touch and no slivers or rough edges remain. Hammer all nails deep enough to apply putty. Dust off surfaces completely then wipe with a clean rag.
If repainting, remove all paint by wire brushing, scraping, or by using BOYSEN® Paint & Varnish Remover #141.


Thoroughly shake the can before opening. Apply BOYSEN® Xyladecor™ direct to base wood without primers or undercoats either by brush, spray or by dipping in an open trough or tank to achieve total covering rate. Shake and stir Xyladecor™ often during use.

By Brush: Apply at least 3 full brush coats, laying the paint into the wood rather than brushing out. Leave each coat for about thirty (30) minutes, depending on the weather and the absorption rate. Lightly brush or wipe over once along the grain to remove excess material and to smooth out any runs.

By Spray: Use a coarse nozzle (about 1-5 mm) giving a steam of material rather than a fine atomizing type paint spray. Working pressure should be approximately 44 lbs. / m2. Spraying is not recommended for planed surfaces.
By dipping: Dip the timber in BOYSEN® Xyladecor™ for 2 minutes, varying the time required according to the absorbency of the wood. Stand the timber on end and allow to drain. If necessary, lightly brush the surface once in the direction of the grain before it dries.

Note: If a very even color finish is desired on wood with varying degrees of absorbency, apply BOYSEN® Xyladecor™ Colorless first before applying colored varieties of Xyladecor™. BOYSEN® Xyladecor™ Colorless is not recommended for exterior use on its own.

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For technical reasons connected with color reproduction and paint manufacturing, these patterns may not exactly match the paint color.

BX-102 Pine
BX-103 Teak
BX-105 Chesnut
BX-107 Mahogany
BX-102 Pine
BX-103 Teak
BX-105 Chesnut
BX-107 Mahogany


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BOYSEN® Xyladecor™