BOYSEN® Masonry Putty #7311

DESCRIPTION: BOYSEN® Masonry Putty #7311 is a water based product especially prepared for filling minor surface unevenness while using latex paint systems. Can also be used for full puttying.

PRINCIPAL USES: For interior concrete, stucco, bricks plaster or any surface minor imperfection.

Full Putty - 10-12 square meter / 4 liters / coat
Spot putty - 25 square meter / 4 liters / coat

SURFACE DRY: Thirty (30) minutes

DRY THROUGH: Two (2) hours

OVERCOATING INTERVAL: Allow two hours before recoating

THINNING: Use as supplied.

APPLICATION: putty knife

PACKAGING: 16-liter, 4-liter and 1-liter cans


1st Coat: BOYSEN® Permacoat™ Flat Latex #701
Putty: BOYSEN® Masonry Putty #7311
Topcoat: BOYSEN® Permacoat™ Latex (flat, semi-gloss, gloss)

Note: Interior use only. For exterior, use BOYSEN® Acrytex™ Cast #1711