BOYSEN® Permatex™ #3101

DESCRIPTION: BOYSEN® Permatex™ #3101 is a water-based, full-bodied paint that dries to a fine rubbery coating, creating a beautiful textured finish on interior walls and ceilings bringing elegance to your home interior. It adheres easily on wood, masonry, and drywall surfaces. Conceals hairline cracks and minor surface imperfections, and dries to a fine rubbery coating that does not become brittle, leaving virtually no room for cracking, chipping, or peeling off.

PRINCIPAL USES: For interior wood, drywall, and masonry surfaces.
PRACTICAL COVERAGE: 5 - 6 square meter / 4 liters

SURFACE DRY: Two (2) hours

DRY THROUGH: Overnight


THINNING: Use as supplied. If necessary, thin with not more than 1/2 liter of water per 4 liter can

PACKAGING: 4-liter cans

For a regular texture pattern, apply BOYSEN® Permatex™ #3101 straight from the can using a regular textured roller. If a different design is desired, first apply BOYSEN® Permatex™ #3101 with a regular textured roller immediately followed by the desired pattern roller while the paint is still wet and workable. Roll in one uniform direction to impress the design onto the surface.

1st Coat:              BOYSEN® Flatwall Enamel #800   
Putty:                   BOYSEN® Plasolux Glazing Putty #311   
Texture:                BOYSEN® Permatex™ #3101   
2nd & 3rd coat:     BOYSEN® Permacoat™ Latex (any desired color)

Masonry & Drywall:
1st Coat:              BOYSEN® Permacoat™ Flat Latex #701   
Putty:                   BOYSEN® Masonry Putty #7311   
Texture:                BOYSEN® Permatex™ #3101   
2nd & 3rd coat:     BOYSEN® Permacoat™ Latex (any desired color)


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BOYSEN® Permatex™ #3101