BOYSEN® Roofgard™

DESCRIPTION: BOYSEN® Roofgard™ is a gloss acrylic, water-based roof paint designed to protect and adhere to most roof substrates. It gives a durable and flexible film, fast-drying time and good gloss retention.

PRINCIPAL USES: For galvanized iron surfaces, pre-painted galvanized sheets, asphalt shingles, and unglazed roof tiles.
PRACTICAL COVERAGE: 25-30 square meter / 4 liters / coat

SURFACE DRY: Thirty (30) minutes

DRY THROUGH: Two (2) hours

DRY FILM THICKNESS: 1.5 mils/coat


THINNING:  Maximum 1/2 liter water per 4 liters paint

APPLICATION: by brush, roller or spray. Clean equipment with soap and water after use

PACKAGING: 4-liter and 16-liter cans
 B2501 Laguna White
 B2520 Samar Beige
 B2540 Pacific Blue
 B2550 Baguio Green
 B2560 Orient Gold
 B2570 Spanish Red
 B2573 Terra Cotta
 B2580 Chocolate Brown

COLORANTS:  Use BOYSEN® Latex Colors for tinting to achieve pastel shades. To obtain darker colors, intermix standard colors or request for a factory mix color.


For unpainted galvanized iron sheets, etch the surface by applying 10% BOYSEN® Metal Etching Solution #71 (dilute 1 part of B-71 to 9 parts water). Wipe the surface with rag soaked in BOYSEN® Paint Thinner #0340 to remove grease. Rinse with water and let dry.
For prepainted galvanized iron sheets, scuff sand surface using sandpaper and wipe the surface with clean rag before applying paint. Spot prime if necessary.
For corroded G.I. surface, remove rust by wire brushing and use BOYSEN® Metal Etching Solution #71. Let it stay for 10-15 minutes. Be sure to wash off surface thoroughly with water or paint thinner and let dry. Apply primer a few hours after application of B-71 and before rust sets in.

For new unglazed rooftiles, make sure surfaces are completely clean and dry.


Primer for:
         Galvanized Iron Sheets
         BOYSEN® Red Oxide #310, BOYSEN® Rust Off™ Primer Gray #330, 
         or BOYSEN® Primeguard™ #4310

Unglazed tiles:
         BOYSEN® Acrytex™ Primer #1705

         BOYSEN® Roofgard™  (2-3 coats; any desired color)

For G.I. sheets with paint in good condition, clean surface of dirt and dust by washing and apply two coats of BOYSEN® Roofgard™.

Choose Color

For technical reasons connected with color reproduction and paint manufacturing, these patterns may not exactly match the paint color.

B-2501 Laguna White
B-2520 Samar Beige
B-2540 Pacific Blue
B-2550 Baguio Green
B-2560 Orient Gold
B-2570 Spanish Red
B-2573 Terra Cotta
B-2580 Chocolate Brown