BOYSEN® Skimcoat™

DESCRIPTION: BOYSEN® Skimcoat™ #7750 is a special bonding paste that is mixed with cement and applied on concrete to correct surface imperfections prior to painting. It repairs bubbles, honeycomb and concrete defects on waviness and plumbness up to 4 mm thick.

PRINCIPAL USES: For both interior and exterior plastered concrete, concrete slabs, acotech walls, reinforced concrete walls, and pre-cast concrete surfaces in lieu of cement plaster to eliminate surface defects and make the surface smooth and ready for painting.

PRACTICAL COVERAGE: 0.4 kg /sq. m. / mm, recommended total thickness is from 0.3 - 4 mm.

SURFACE DRY: 30 min.; allow 14 days before painting

APPLICATION: Apply with trowel or putty knife.

PACKAGING: 25 kg per pail

POTLIFE: Thirty (30) minutes


  1. Remove oil, grease, dust, dirt, contaminants, and all loose grit and mortar from the surface.
  2. Defects on concrete more than 5 mm thick should be corrected using mechanical sanders/grinders.
  3. Moisten the concrete before application.


Put BOYSEN® Skimcoat™ #7750 on a suitable container (plastic bucket) and mix with cement at 1:1 ratio by weight until a lump-free homogeneous paste is reached. Do not add water. Use portland cement (for ordinary cement color) or white cement (to produce a white finish).  No need to neutralize.


  1. Using a steel trowel, apply the mixture thinly on the surface by pressing the edge of the trowel firmly on the concrete until all areas are covered.
  2. Let it dry for at least 30 minutes before applying the second coat (if necessary).
  3. If trowel marks are visible, let surface dry for at least 30 minutes before sanding to further smoothen surfaces.
  4. No need to neutralize the surface. Allow at least 14 days before painting.

Note: Do not apply on painted surfaces.