Konstrukt® Durafill™ K103 Fast-Setting Gypsum Compound

DESCRIPTION: Konstrukt® Durafill™ K103 Fast-Setting Gypsum Compound is a powder-type, all-purpose, gypsum-based filler to be used over joints and patching holes at least 3mm wide in dry walls. Highly recommended for high-build and fast curing applications prior to the finishing application of Konstrukt® Durafill™ K101 Gypsum Putty.


MIXING RATIO: 20 kg of compound to 9L of water (gradual mixing)


WORKABILITY: 30-35 minutes

COVERAGE: 80 sq m per 20 kg bag

DRYING TIME: 1-2 hours

PACKAGING: 20-kg/bag

STORAGE: Konstrukt® Durafill™ K103 Fast-Setting Gypsum Compound must be stored in a dry environment and protected from temperature extremes. Prolonged exposure of opened bags may shorten shelf-life of the product.


  • Use clean container and tools. Contamination may affect the setting time.
  • Mix only enough compounds for 30-35 minutes working time.
  • Mix by hand or with a power mixer until a lump free homogeneous paste is reached.
  • For best results, stand mixture for 2 minutes before use.