BOYSEN® Elasti-kote™ Elastomeric Wall Covering

DESCRIPTION: BOYSEN® Elasti-Kote™ is a 100% acrylic water based elastomeric wall paint that is especially formulated to bridge micro/hairline cracks and crevices thus providing good waterproofing and protection from rain, carbon dioxide or other acidic gases (acid rain).


  1. Covers wall hairline cracks and crevices
  2. Superior crack bridging ability
  3. Prevent unsightly efflorescence emanating from cracks
  4. Superb elongation & tensile strength
  5. Excellent weather ability
  6. Excellent UV resistance
  7. Excellent color acceptance
  8. Excellent alkali resistance
  9. Excellent scrub resistance
  10. Very good mildew resistance
  11. Lead free and mercury free paint


  1. Protects the building from entry of rainwater, carbon dioxide and other acidic gases.
  2. Upgrades the integrity of the building.
  3. Preserves and extends aesthetic appearance of the building thus minimizing repainting.


  • Crack < 0.1 mm to 0.3 mm use BOYSEN® Acrytex™ Cast  #1711 as putty.
  • Crack > 0.3 mm to 1 mm use BOYSEN® Plexibond™ Cementitious Water Proofing System as putty.
  • Structure/large cracks and above 1mm cracks – refer to civil engineers or architects for appropriate action.

APPLICATION: Brush or roller.

DRYING TIME: Dries to touch in 30 minutes. Allow four (4) hours in between coats.

COVERAGE: 25-30 square meters per 4 liters per coat.

THINNING: Thinning is not required.

CLEAN UP: Clean equipment with soap and water after use.


Allow new masonry to dry for 14 days (for exterior surfaces) to 28 days (for interior surfaces) under normal weather conditions before painting. Surface to be painted should be clean and dry, free from oil, grease, dust, dirt, contaminants, and all loose grit and mortar. Treat new masonry with a solution of 1 part BOYSEN® Masonry Neutralizer #44 diluted in 16 parts water, applying liberally by brush. Let dry overnight before rinsing with water to remove crystals that form on the surface. Let dry before painting.

 Without Mesh:
 1st Coat: BOYSEN® Elasti-Kote™ (Elastomeric Wall Covering) Sealer B-5800
 2nd & 3rd Coat: BOYSEN® Elasti-Kote™ (Elastomeric Wall Covering) Basecoat B-  5805
 4th Coat (Optional): BOYSEN® Elasti-Kote™ (Elastomeric Wall Covering)  Topcoat B-5815

 With Mesh:
 1st Coat: BOYSEN® Elasti-Kote™ (Elastomeric Wall Covering) Sealer B-5800
 2nd Coat: BOYSEN® Elasti-Kote™ (Elastomeric Wall Covering) Basecoat B-5805
 Reinforcing Membrane: Fiberglass Matting
 3rd & 4th Coat: BOYSEN® Elasti-Kote™ (Elastomeric Wall Covering) Basecoat B-  5805
 5th Coat (Optional): BOYSEN® Elasti-Kote™ (Elastomeric Wall Covering)  Topcoat B-5815