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by Roger Pe

May 07, 2006

Anything from a good kitchen tastes just like that and gives you more. Count on TBWA-Santiago, Mangada and Puno’s creative chefs, in partnership with Brew Productions this time, to brew up a storm of an entry to the 2006 New York Festivals film and television advertising competition. Expectedly, what do you get? A buffet of flavorful news, a burst of scrumptious cheers, and another World Silver Medal on the table. The place: the Big Apple on September 25-27, 2006.

"Home Sweet Home", title of the TV spot created for BOYSEN® Paints by the three-time Best in Creative and Agency of the Year awardee, stood out from among thousands of entries from around the world to add up to the Philippines’ array of glittering global trophies this year (1 Asia Adfest Gold (JWT Manila), 1 One Show Silver (JWT Manila), 3 Cannes Bronze Lions (BBDO-Guerrero), 1 Asian Award Spike Bronze (JWT Manila)).

The award-winning ad demonstrated the product’s benefit in a wry humor. Briefly told, the campaign used a henpecked husband to ’vanish’ his nagger housewife with white paint until her cantankerous voice and tubby body totally disappered from the viewers’ eyes.

Melvin Mangada, TBWA-SMP ECD and managing partner, says, "We are lucky to have great clients who always appreciate good work." The first man to be elevated by the ad industry’s award-giving body to the Hall of Fame, Mangada served as president of the Creative Guild of the Philippines, chaired Ad Congress creative competitions, and was several times member of the jury of Asia Adfest, modern-day Asian Advertising Awards, London, New York Festivals and other award shows. He was also the driving force behind TBWA Philippines’ successful entry into the exclusive circle of TBWA network’s star country-agencies worldwide.

Creative director Jake Tesoro, who along with concept teammate Manuel Villfania, both products of Mangada’s brand of disruptive creativity that is also breeding a number of followers, shares us his thoughts on how the idea came along:

"Making ’Home Sweet Home’ was both fun and taxing. Fun because making a good ad for BOYSEN® has always been a challenge. How do you make an ad for a brand that’s so big in its category that it doesn’t really need to advertise?"

"Making it wasn’t any exception. Fortunately, it was approved. We didn’t really need to look far for an insight to use in the said ad. The story seems to happen in almost every Filipino home. And the shoot was fun, too! Thanks largely to the talent who didn’t really have any second thoughts about having her face smothered with real paint (or the other talent who had to do the smothering!). The whole project, though took less that three weeks - from ideation, shooting, to post-production. Now that’s the taxing part. And the simple look of the TV ad doesn't really show how difficult its technical side was. Overall, it was truly rewarding. In fact, we’re still reaping the fruits of our labor up to now."

The campaign also won an Ad of the Month last year and went on to bag a bronze in the annual TV Ad of the Year competition.

 2004 CineMalaya and Urian Best Director Sockie Fernandez ("Liyab") of Brew Productions lent her "story-telling" expertise to breathe life to "Home Sweet Home."

Fernandez says of the making of the commercial: "One of my mentors once told me that if you want something, you have to ask for it. Inspired by this, I told our client BOYSEN® that I’d love to do an ad for them. I’ve always known BOYSEN® to be one of the few clients who are open to producing new and non-traditional ideas and I decided to take a chance.

"Hey, my straightforwardness actually worked! BOYSEN® agreed to try me out and asked their agency to develop a storyboard that will be ’award-winning’."

"It took a while before Melvin finally found the board to present to his client. He said jokingly, "Mahirap pala if client’s only requirement is that it has to be ’award-winning’!"

"I was very happy with the storyboard which was simple but had a strong concept. I felt it best that the material be treated like a sort film. I wanted talents who looked and acted like "real" people. That’s why I felt the punch line would hit stronger. The combination of Soliman Cruz as husband and Mae Paner (who also is a director) was a casting coup. I saw Sol Cruz in Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros and I thought he perfect for the role of the ’deadma’ husband married to a nagging wife Mae, who happens to be a dear friend, is not just a fantastic actress, she’s also such a good sport. She insisted that real BOYSEN® paint be used to paint her face instead of the solution we prepared.

"I am a great believer of having fun while working. I think the best work happens when you enjoy the process. This shoot was fun - even the client brought food and hung out during the shoot!"

TBWA-SMP’s penchant for winning awards from some of the world’s most high-profile award shows as well as consistently figuring in the top 2 positions locally, makes it always a unanimous choice in the annual Agency of the Year’s Best in Creative Award competition. It is no surprising that it won the most coveted plum this year for the third time in a row.

The New York Festivals is an international awards company founded in 1957 to recognize "The World’s Best Work" in advertising, broadcast programming, design and marketing. Award-winning creative directors from around the world compose the judging panel. The preliminary round of judging produces the finalists who are awarded finalist certificates. Further rounds of judging determine World Bronze, Silver and Gold winners. Gold winners then contend for the Grand Prix Awards.

All winners are published in the New York Festivals Annual of Advertising, a comprehensive 500-page color volume featuring images of finalists and winners. The NYF website also features all finalists and winning entries.

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