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The Philippine Star - May 7, 2006

May 07, 2006

BOYSEN®, the nation's leader in paint, was instrumental in fulfilling a lifelong dream of the Philippine Educational theater Association (PETA). BOYSEN® helped build the PETA Theater Center in Quezon City, which will serve as the permanent venue for PETA's world-class performances.

“We are happy to support the arts for it is the cultural expression of our people. It is the creative channel through which we explore intellectual, social and political issues that of which are the heart of human experiences,” states Johnson Ongking, Vice President of Pacific Paints (BOYSEN®) Philippines, Inc.

The inauguration of the new home of PETA was attended by the country's performance art royalties including Cecile Guidote-Alvarez, Joel Lamangan, Soxie Topacio, and Ma. Gloriosa Cabangon. National Artist of the Philippines for Literature, Alejandro Roces and luminaries from PETA's international and local partners such as Dupont were also at the event to witness another milestone in PETA's history.

The PETA Theater Center is a visual attraction with its concave façade, an articulated canopy, and glass exterior. Inside the four-storey theater center are functional spaces used as a theater, library, exhibition hall, and studios. The modern minimalist design approach is contrasted by the bright PETA red paint specially made by BOYSEN® for the organization. The combination of subdued design and intense red color reflects the vivid imagination and passion of PETA and its guest users.

Building a home that will serve as a venue to discover and hone the country's greatest theater arts talents has been a lifelong dream of PETA officers. "After 39 years, PETA finally has a home," says PETA president Cecilia Garucho. Over the years PETA has shown its dedication to the performance arts by showcasing original, world class Filipino production - this despite the fact that it doesn't have a permanent home.

Before the construction of the new PETA Theater Center, the country's most prestigious theater productions were mostly staged at the Rajah Sulayman Theater from Dec. to April. But even in dry seasons, the unpredictable coming of rains causes costly delays and even cancellations.

"Now the show will go on regardless of the elements," says Ongking. He adds, "The country's foremost theater artists can now perform in a venue that stimulates and reflects their talents."

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