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BOYSEN® Introduces New Color Experience

March 13, 2016

BOYSEN®, manufacturer of the most widely distributed paint in the country, launched a fresh concept in exhibitions with the introduction of the BOYSEN® Mix and Match™Color Lab in the Interior and Design Manila 2016 from March 11 to 13 at SMX. An expanded version will also be used in Worldbex 2016 from March 16 to 20 at the World Trade Center.

Johnson Ongking, vice president of Pacific Paint (BOYSEN®) Philippines, Inc. said, “Color is an experience. With the Mix and Match™ Color Lab, the company moved away from the traditional manner of presenting our product offerings in exhibitions. Instead, we have opened up the possibility of having our clients experience the colors firsthand by providing them “swatchsicles,” or sticks, which they can dip into open cans of paint. These are dried and then attached to tags or key carabiners so they can bring them home and use as book marks, bag tags, key chains, or simply as swatches.

“We believe in innovation and we are committed to it, which is why we constantly look for new ways to upgrade existing products, to develop new ones, and to improve processes with new technology. Also in our marketing efforts, we find new ways to communicate with our clients, and this is the reason why we have transformed our presence in exhibitions.”

BOYSEN® has been serving the Filipino market for more than six decades, and is a leader in the paint industry. The company has been awarded several times as having the best booth in several major shows throughout the years.

“We took a risk by introducing something new. In the recently concluded IDM 2016, the company saw how the new booth design and concept resonated with the visitors. A queue could be seen snaking around the booth at all times of the day as people waited in line to enter the booth to have an interactive color experience,” said Ongking.

BOYSEN® offers more than 4,000 colors to choose from. For these exhibitions, more than 150 colors were selected from the company’s palette of most popular colors, as well as some colors from their Color Trend collection.

These colors are available in more than 400 Mix and Match™ stations throughout the country.

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