For technical reasons connected with color reproduction and paint manufacturing, these patterns may not exactly match the paint color.


Grosseto Base<br>B-4870 with <br>Perla Di Luce<br>B-4807 Ruby
Grosseto Base
B-4870 with
Perla Di Luce
B-4807 Ruby
Arezzo Base<br>B-4861 with <br>Perla Di Luce<br>B-4806 Gold
Arezzo Base
B-4861 with
Perla Di Luce
B-4806 Gold
Siena Base<br>B-4876 with <br>Perla Di Luce<br>B-4808  Garnet
Siena Base
B-4876 with
Perla Di Luce
B-4808 Garnet
Pisa Base<br>B-4858 with <br>Perla Di Luce<br>B-4803 Emerald
Pisa Base
B-4858 with
Perla Di Luce
B-4803 Emerald
Livorno Base<br>B-4830 with<br>Perla Di Luce<br>B-4808 Garnet
Livorno Base
B-4830 with
Perla Di Luce
B-4808 Garnet
Lucca Base<br>B-4840 with <br>Perla Di Luce<br>B-4804 Sapphire
Lucca Base
B-4840 with
Perla Di Luce
B-4804 Sapphire