BOYSEN® Color Samples

Size: 200mL
Colors mixed as: BOYSEN® Permacoat™ Latex
Sheen: Semi-Gloss

• Choose from 381 of our colors to sample and try.
• 37 colors from BOYSEN® Permacoat™ Color Series, 106 colors from the BOYSEN® Series G New Edition Volume 1, and 238 colors from BOYSEN® Medley.
• Experiment with colors on the actual surface where it will be applied.
• Provides better evaluation of the color appearance given the environment where it will be used.
• Actual visualization eliminates challenges in selecting colors, especially when you're choosing between favorites!

Test paint colors with BOYSEN® Color Samples! A must have for anyone starting a painting project, these try packs allow homeowners to apply actual paint on their walls to see if they've chosen the right hue for their space.

With 200 mL, you can cover approximately 1.25 to 1.50 square meters in one coat. This allows you enough coverage to visualize colors in different lighting conditions and how they will respond with your fixtures.

Just one click away, BOYSEN® Color Samples can help you choose the perfect color scheme to turn your house into a home.

*For recommended Surface Preparation and Painting Schedule of BOYSEN® Permacoat™ Latex, please click here:

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- Due to differences in color setting of various computer monitors and mobile devices, the colors shown here may not accurately reflect the actual paint colors.
- This product is only available for orders and deliveries within Metro Manila.

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