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BOYSEN® Latex Colors

DESCRIPTION: BOYSEN® Latex Colors are concentrated acrylic based tinting paints for BOYSEN® Permacoat™ Latex Paints, BOYSEN® Healthy Home™, and BOYSEN® Wallguard™ Dirt Resisting Latex. They disperse easily and produce tints from pastel to medium shades with even finishes.

PACKAGING: 1 liter and 1/4 liter cans 

NOTE: To produce dark shades, choose from factory mixed colors, Mix-and-Match outlets, or intermix premixed colors to get desired shade. Ideal ratio of tinting color to paint is 1:16, respectively. Do not use Hansa Yellow B1466 and Toluidine Red B1407 for exterior applications.

B1404  Thalo Blue
B1405  Thalo Green
B1406  Raw Sienna
B1407  Toluidine Red
B1408  Burnt Sienna
B1409  Burnt Umber
B1466  Hansa Yellow
B1477  Venetian Red
B1490  Lampblack

Choose Color

For technical reasons connected with color reproduction and paint manufacturing, these patterns may not exactly match the paint color.

1:16 Burnt Sienna B-1408
1:16 Burnt Umber B-1409
1:16 Hansa Yellow B-1466
1:16 Lampblack B-1490
1:16 Raw Sienna B-1406
1:16 Thalo Blue B-1404
1:16 Thalo Green B-1405
1:16 Toluidine Red B-1407
1:16 Venetian Red B-1477
Full Tone Burnt Sienna B-1408
Full Tone Burnt Umber B-1409
Full Tone Hansa Yellow B-1466
Full Tone Lampblack B-1490
Full Tone Raw Sienna B-1406
Full Tone Thalo Blue B-1404
Full Tone Thalo Green B-1405
Full Tone Toluidine Red B-1407
Full Tone Venetian Red B-1477